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At A Good Person Productionswe are proud to have received the following recognition for our contributions to Good People and the San Diego community.
"A job well done... Top-rate"

 I Love this girl your amazing when it comes to your words. You sure right Speak on It!!!! I love the part of the Newport, That's all I smoke..... 
"Best in class! "
News and Reviews for A Good Person Productions
EXCELLENT job! Great questions, flow was good, heartfelt responses were encouraging to listeners. I am very proud of what you have done for yourself (and continue to do). My hat is off to you.

With love and respect,
Wow! You ARE a Dancing Star!!!! I am so happy that I will be able to say "I knew her when.....!!!" I posted it on my FB to get lots of my friends to check out your most excellent dance!

Misty Sb4:31pm Apr 18th
Hi sis:

I saw you on Ellen and I have to give you your do's - you can drop it like it hot - that's my girl! :) keep up the good work and stay going strong - love ya - I looked and was laughing so hard and said nobody but April
Hi April,
David Lynch commented on your link.
David wrote: "I hope they invite you back for a regular gig!!! maybe they should hear about all of the wonderful things your working on !!" 
Hi April,
Rosenda Elizabeth Moore commented on your link.
Rosenda wrote: "April I'm so proud of you. You ROCK! And I've been proud to know you since we met in preschool!!" 
Hi April,
Sharon Parker commented on your link.
Sharon wrote: "You were GREAT!!! You go girl!!!" 
Dear Mrs. Mahoney,
my name is Sergio Pistoi, I am a science writer based in Italy and a member of the ISSCR's public education committee. 

I had a chance to see the video on stem cells published on Vimeo featuring your commentaries and I find that some of your quotes are very interesting and inspiring for communication purposes.
I am writing you because I am helping with the public communication of ESTOOLS (www.estools.eu), an European project on stem cell founded by the EU. The final ESTOOLS meeting will take place in Lisbon next May 25, and will gather scientists and public from all over europe.

The dissemination material in Lisbon will include huge panels placed along the venue's corridor featuring images and quotes from scientists, artist and lay people.
After looking at the movie I thought it would be very appropriate and significative to include a quote from you in the panels.
I transcribed the following from the stem cell movie (I hope it's correct):

"We're gobbled up at the bottom of the food chain, trust me, if we remain the same: afraid of technology, Science.

We must be like the stem cells we seek: extracted, allowed to reproduce, cure, heal and change."

- My first question is: would you agree to let me use the above quotes in the panels?

I hope you will agree to include the above quotes in our banners - it will also be a chance to make your words seen and appreciated by a large and interested audience. In case of a positive answer please let me know how you would like to be introduced in the credit line of the quotes (April Mahoney, American Poet and Activist?). 

I thank you very much in advance for your consideration and I am looking forward to hear from you.

You can find more about me at:
Hey Soul Sister by Peyton Roberts


June 7, 2012 at 1:36 AM
Just wonderful, I read the whole story..Im glad you too bonded even more.
My mom always said " You will be lucky in life if you find one true friend"
I believe you have..treasure all your many life journeys together.

Mariea Antoinette

NickMay 31, 2012 at 7:18 PM
You rock April! Glad that you could come out and visit us.


Andrea Costa June 1, 2012 at 12:14 PM
Hi Peyton,
Great to meet you in the virtual world. You too sound dynamite. April is a gift to me as well, I am eternally grateful. Decades of close support have been a blessing to me.
Comments from The Chollas Lake Projects 2016

Again, congratulations on an #outstanding #effort and a great event, we have a lot to learn from you. I look forward to more events in collaboration with “#AGoodPersonProductions”, and am very glad to see you inspired to continue. Proud of you!
Aleksei | 
President | #OakParkCommunityCouncil
P.O. Box 152919, San Diego, CA 92195-2919B

Makena Hayes-Gargonnu Congratulations to you April!

Nelson said it was going to b off the chain and it was !!

The Chollas Lake Project was a phenomenal success, we had over 320 in attendance and received very favorable press from multi cultural diverse sectors of our community. A big thank you shout out to all for volunteering and donating also to the staff at Chollas Lake for working hard to have the park in top notch condition for the event.

About Camp Stevens in Julian:

A community retreat centered in beautiful Julian Mountains of San Diego. Camp Stevens is a “peaceful place apart” where groups can leave the bustle and distractions of everyday life to deepen relationships with one another and accomplish common goals. The serene, natural setting brings rejuvenation to the spirit, mind, and body. Watch the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lmYAcrdJfsM

Friday night - 6:30 pm Rev Deborah Mann-Virtuous Woman Ministries Founder/CEO
Coming from the greater Los Angeles Area Virtuous Woman Ministries, Inc, mission evolves around families, Men, Women and Young adults to train and motivate to live healthy productive lives in risky environments where they live, work and worship. We believe that true development comes from transparency. Deborah is very detailed and compassionate about her work, business and ministry. She performs at high levels of intergrity and skill. Deborah has a great personality, works well with people and demonstrates great leadership skills. Her service is beyond measurable; you will enjoy working with her.

Saturday-Dr Carole L. Banka PhD -
Dr. Carole Banka specialty is focused on women's health. Carole has held faculty positions at The Scripps Research Institute and The La Jolla Institute for Molecular Medicine. In 2008, Dr. Banka joined the Department of Medicine at UCSD where she is an Associate Project Scientist.  Dr. Banka has served on the Howell Board of Directors since 2008.

Saturday-Stephanie Banka-Vision Journaling 
She is a A Maker, a Culinary Maven, an Adornment Guru and an Architect of Change. For more than 20 years Stephanie has walked women through the process of powerful and personal change work. She believes in the energy of communing with our intention and using our voices and hands to craft and make real our visions and goals. Her students are taught to apply and benefit from the principles of personal transformation and the power of intention. Through making, consulting, teaching and practicing Stephanie student facilitated, experienced and witnessed change in action!

Saturday-Suzanne Marion- KPBS Public Media Director of News and Editorial Strategy , Real -vs -Fake News
Suzanne Marmion leads the station’s editorial vision and helps to create a news strategy. She is a veteran public broadcasting journalist and has taught investigative and health reporting to journalists in Africa as well as multimedia storytelling at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism in New York City.

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